Dream Dialogs

Learn to understand your dreams and respond to them.

What is Dream Dialogs about?

It is twice a month class where you can learn the language of dreams, open your dreams so you can understand what they are telling you and respond to them. And we can do this at a personal level and also at a group level. We will be learning about dreams. Different types of dreams. Levels inside a dream. The dreamfield and how everything is connected.  How we can learn from our dreams individually and collectively.  It is about communicating with your bigger self through your dreams and dreaming a new reality into being.

How are the classes?

Classes are 1 hour long, usually the first and third Saturday of the month. The price is 48€ per month as an offer for the three first months, and you will receive an email with the zoom link invitation to join the class. The class will be recorded and sent to the participants. Each participant can send a dream written in present tense to my e-mail and then the class will choose a dream to work with it. The dream chosen will be significant for all the participants, and sometimes homework will be suggested.

30 de mayo de 2020
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