What is dreaming?

Dreaming comes from the creative part of our brain. Our right side of the brain is always working, just as the left side does. That means we are always dreaming, even though we are not aware of that and we call dreaming only to the experience that we have while we are sleeping. Because we are used to pay more attention to the conscious processes, we have mostly forgotten how to see images in our minds during the day. At night we allow that the conscious processes cease and then the images come up creating what we call dreams.

Actually, the images and the dreams are always there, we just need to learn how to see them, and the Angels and other loving beings are always helping us.

Dreaming is the dialog between the part of our self that experiences (lives) the things through our senses and the conscious part of our self. As we learn the language of our dreams, we encourage our inner development and we are able to draw the map and design a route faithful to our true Self.

Dreams are many things. Trying to explain what they are is like trying to explain what reality is, but the truth is that dreams are real, they exist and they are part of us. They are like an interface that helps us to connect with all the surfaces of our multilayered reality. They allow us to connect with the subconscious (with the collective also), the superconscious, the past (even the past of our ancestors), the potential future… Usually they are not controlled by logic, but by what we experience. They show us our behavior, the consequences and direction of that behavior and the way of changing it and the potential unfolding with this change. They show us our needs and feelings… And that is a huge help to clean ourselves and lift up our vibration.


Imagery is a technique I have learnt in the School of Images with Catherine Shainberg. Imagery consists in working with images/scenes understanding them as a whole in which are included all the sensations of our senses. Imagery is short exercises of visualization/sensation/intention that allow us to enter directly into the subconscious, see the configuration/vibration of a situation, identify the block, the necessity or the belief or mental paradigm and dissolve it or lift its vibration so that our energy and intuition keep flowing. This technique serves both as a diagnosis and as a healing method.
I have been studying, learning and exploring this techniques and methods with Catherine, Bonnie and Belinda for years, and I keep doing so because I love it. It is really fun and it helps me to be my true authentic self and I never get bored of discovering more things where imagery can help.

The exercises can be designed to guide us in certain direction and identify and respond to the need of a dream or a problem. We can use tarot cards or other clear images to help us to visualize and awaken the creative, imaginative and intuitive part of our brain. We can work at the same time with our breathing, colors, sounds and affirmations and, of course, with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and our Helpers in Heaven to help us to heal.

For example, a simple exercise to help with our self-esteem can be:

Close your eyes. Breathe. Inhale and exhale deeply until you are centered and relaxed. Imagine that you are at the same time standing on a fountain and under a waterfall of White Gold Energy of Divine Love. While you are in this fountain and waterfall and you feel how the energy goes up from the soles of your feet and goes down through your head, say in your heart: “Thank you Divine Source for clearing all my thoughts (conscious and subconscious) of me being unworthy or being less than other. Thank you for filling me with the Truth that I am more than enough”.

In the case of a dream: Let’s say that it’s a dream with a house where everything is dirty and untidy. I can explain the person what their dream means, the patterns in it, and respond to the necessity that the dream presents in a simple way with an exercise. We would enter the scene of the dream where everything is messy and we clean and tidy everything using different tools of our imagination.

Imagery is a way to see and hear the subconscious, to know what it needs, respond to that need, bring love where love is missing and have more light and love inside of us.

We can also use a tarot card to enter the scene and unfold it.
For example, if something is not flowing in our life, we can imagine that we enter in the Temperance card of the Rider-Waite Tarot and we place ourselves between the two cups that Archangel Michael is holding, feeling that the liquid flowing is Violet Energy. Or if we have a shortage of money, we can place our open wallet between the two cups so that the money flows.
The true tools are the clear intuition and imagination while we are centered and well grounded.

Private Consultations and Classes

In Dream Classes we learn about working with our dreams. We learn to identify patterns and deeper meanings, to distinguish levels inside the dream and to respond to the necessities if they come out. In a class we choose one of the recent dreams presented by the students and we work with it respecting always the original dreamer because the dream is theirs. Working with dreams always result in important shifts in our “waking” life.

With the Rider Waite Tarot we can enter the scene of the card and explore it. We can do different imagery exercises to connect with Angels and Ascended Masters and to help us with several themes as patience, trust, prosperity, etc.

The images in the cards, just looking at them, help us to awaken the creative part of our brain and our imagination, our ability to see and hear our intuition.

We don’t use the tarot as a reading and nor to tell the future.

In a private consultation, the person can send me their dream so that we can explore it and work with its images or they can tell me a current problem or situation and we see the way of solving the conflict and heal their inner child with imagery exercises and with practical advice and common sense. Also, I can suggest to the person to do some task for a period of time in order to change a habit, etc. The imagination, the intuition and the compassion are our guides besides the 12 Archangels.

There are weekly classes on line about dreams, about the Rider Waite tarot, imagery and audio-courses.


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