About me

Learning and teaching is the root of my movement and also the curiosity and the ability for awe are the engine that drives me (propels me?). What attracts me the most is to know and heal the subconscious and help people to know their inner selves and be the best possible version of themselves.

I believe that learning and teaching are inherently (naturally?) linked, same as curiosity and awe. When you teach inevitably you learn and vice versa. When you let yourself to be carried along by healthy curiosity, you discover fascination and if something captivates you, the curiosity drives you to learn more about it.

When I dedicate myself to my passion (learning-teaching and heal the subconscious) I truly show my Self. I offer my own experience in my unique particular way. Communicating this love, this passion, my heart dance in the music of my soul and I am able to transmit this love and passion to others in different ways.

I am very curious. I am interested in knowing about Nature, feelings, people, etc. This is my way of interacting with my environment and my inner self at the same time.

The one legacy I can leave to the ones I love is my unique sincere True Self. This is my legacy for my daughter: learning-teaching how to become your own Self and embrace the own Inner Light.

Every one of us is unique and each one has their different beautiful bright inner light.


I have studied in the School of Images with Catherine Shainberg since 2005 and also with Bonnie Buckner. They carry an ancestral lineage and the oldest form of Kabbalah. Their practice of the visionary process is registered since the first century. This work is pure Kabbalah (Kabbalah means literally receiving) meaning what one receives when you look inside of yourself and it is called the Kabbalah of the Light.

Since 2015 I am involved with different programs with Belinda Womack, who has received all her knowledge directly from her intuition and clear channel. I participate in the 12 Archangels University, Illuminating Conversations, Webinars and different courses (Healing with the Angels, Living with the Angels, Creating a New Financial Reality, etc.). With Belinda I have learnt mostly that I am not alone and that I am always supported by my Higher Self and the Angels.

I give thanks for the blessing of studying with Catherine, Bonnie and Belinda and all the light and sound and love that they provide.

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