Live your Dream. Dream your Life.

Working with imagery and dreams explores parts of me that were forgotten and that I didn’t know of. Working with imagery and playing with dreams wakes up my curiosity and presents my new parts to me.

I draw a map with the images and the dreams and this map leads me navigating my subconscious, my body, my emotions, my thoughts and my soul. Repetitive behaviour and patterns emerge. Blocked emotions and thwarted instincts bath in the light and once they are transformed, they provide me with new energy and fluid motion. My inner child gets free and she gives me enthusiasm for life.

The images pluck strings in my soul that resonate as harmonious chords in all my being. Now I dream my life and I live my dream. The dreaming is continuous. I see life with new eyes, the eyes of a child marvelled at everything. With a free imagination, everything is possible. The dialogue with my dreams is active, dynamic and uninterrupted. Where before were darkness and blocks, now the light has entered and life expands itself with more clarity and possibilities.

Now I choose and I act instead of reacting. I recognize my emotions and I re-member. I connect again my missing parts. I nurture from life in ways that I never thought of, I have fun and everything is lighter and easier. Even though challenges appear, I find more imaginative ways of solving them.

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  1. Contactar con tu niño interior
  2. From Illuminating conversations by Belinda WomackThe Law of One

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¿What is dreaming? ¿What is Imagery?

In our classes and private consultations I will teach you how to work with our dreams results in important changes in our "awake" lives.

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